Do You Need a Dental Crown After Getting a Root Canal?

Dental crowns are commonly used after root canals because the crown helps to restore the tooth’s functionality. Crowns can keep your tooth healthy and adds strength to the tooth. Not all root canals require the use of a crown, but in some cases the tooth can benefit from a crown. Placing a crown after a root canal can increase the chance of the tooth’s survival.

Reasons Why A Crown May Be Used After a Root Canal

Tooth Is Fragile

If your tooth becomes fragile after a root canal, the tooth may need a crown. During a root canal drilling is required, and if your tooth also has a cavity or infection, this can compromise the strength of the tooth. Crowns are durable and can help protect your tooth and prevent further damage.

Prevent Infection

After a root canal your tooth is more susceptible to infection. Placing a dental crown after a root canal can help to seal off the area from bacteria and avoid future infections. The crown can also lengthen the life of your tooth, and prevent the need for tooth extraction.


After a root canal the nerves may become sensitive to heat or cold. When a crown is placed, this can help decrease sensitivity, and protect the tooth after a root canal procedure.


When a tooth undergoes a root canal, the tooth may change color or appear grey. Crowns can help create a natural look, and match the shade of your natural teeth.

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